Healing is now by Deepak Chopra

Now more than ever, we are seeing how stress unequivocally affects the immune system and a person’s susceptibility to disease.

Although it has become the norm to experience low-level chronic stress during our daily existence, the truth is that this type of lifestyle is not sustainable. While it may be unrealistic to completely eliminate stress from your life, there are several shifts you can make to combat and even reverse the negative effects of daily stress.

In part 2 of his 7-Part Action Plan, Healing Is Now, Deepak outlines his top do’s and don’ts to lower stress for greater health and happiness every day.

Stress Reduction  
  • Meditate (try this guided meditation from Deepak now)
  • Practice yoga—at a class or at home with a video
  • Practice mindful breathing
  • Schedule downtime and quiet time (treat them like an appointment you can’t miss)
  • Practice present-moment awareness
  • Recognize the stages of stress
  • Stop adding to a stressful situation
  • Don’t ignore stressful events in your life
  • Walk away from stress ASAP
  • Find resolutions for repeated stressors
  • Examine a problem you’ve been putting up with out of frustration
  • Turn irregular stress-relief habits into a regular routine

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