My visit to Reno

My visit to Reno. I left San Diego at midnight on my quest to get to Reno in 10 hours. I could not bear the thought of being in traffic in LA or anywhere for that matter, so I left at a late hour when I could be almost 100% sure I would not have to deal with it.

I did not know I would have to share the two lane road with big rigs, which at high speeds can be scary.

I was all good driving even with the huge trucks I had to drive next to, then the exhaustion started to set in, I had woken up early that day, and had to carry, move and clean all of my condo and things by myself.  The last two hours where painful in that it took everything I had in me to stay awake until I reached my destination.

In the end it was worth it, I arrived in Reno and my BFFs home, a meager 22,000 square foot house.  My friend is super loving, inviting, kind and giving, so my arrival was met with love and open arms.

I stayed for 5 days, we got mani/pedis, we dined, went to the movies, cooked, spent time together and most importantly our souls reconnected on a deeper level, which is most important to me.

The day came, it was time for me to move on, and head to my final destination. I was both looking forward to it, and at the same time I was dreading the 13 hour drive I had ahead of me.

The time I spent in Reno, with my bestie and her daughter who is more like my niece than anything, was just what I needed.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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