Sometimes it takes a second look or read…

Making life easy

Sometimes it takes more than once to read, hear or realize the message you need to know.

I usually like to read most of my books twice or three times. I chose to re-read “Making life easy” a simple guide to a divinely inspired life by Christiane Northup M.D. I had read it many months ago if not years, but this time I did I was able to take in things I had not noticed before hand, especially since I had underlined so many other things in the book but not the ones I was actually needing this time around. This is why I like to re read the books that “talk” to me, because more lays in the lines than we read the first time.

I like to suggest books to people around me, and usually will advice them to come back to them, when it calls.

Books are priceless, I enjoy the time I take to read. We all have something to share and something to learn.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 




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