How do I reconcile…??

How do I reconcile my feelings, which are polar opposite to what I am supposed to feel about my mother? She is my Mother, she carried me for nine months, then gave birth to me by emergency c-section in 1970 in Mexico City where they cut her from her belly button down to get me out.

When I think of this fact, I am touched and feel her pain. I was the beginning of two others coming out the same way. Ouch is the first word that comes to my mind, the other thing that comes to my mind is how I chose to enter this world, what was I trying to say, or let them know about me? I also chose to come on a Friday the 13th, even though I was told I was a month early. I know I chose this very special date for a reason.

My entry into this lifetime was not a coincidence, I chose a holy significant day to join the physical world again. I chose a grand entry, and I chose my parents, siblings, family and circumstances. I accept all of this.

I am continually in the pursuit of learning and understanding the meaning of it all.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!



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