First medium I ever saw


The first medium I ever met with for a reading was decades ago with my Mother, I do not remember how we found out about her, how much she charged or how I could possibly get in touch with her now. No idea what so ever.

I do remember we drove for quite a bit and the destination was out of our way on a hill in what seemed like the boondocks. Her home was a trailer high up on a hill surrounded by wilderness.

I would have been scared if not for being with my Mother.

She explained her process and the reading begun. She seemed to go into a trans, and when she spoke again it was the voice of a man from back in time with an European accent.  We were taken a back for a second and before I knew it I was engulfed. From my recollection she focused most of her attention on me.

She spoke of me being a Chinese empress from the times when they thought beauty was to bind your feet, making impossible to walk and necessary to be carried. This shook me a bit, I had never told anyone, but I had always had negative feelings about being an 8 1/2 shoe size, I would buy and wear shoes in size 8, which caused me great pain, that I endured just so my foot would look smaller. Also, that I had this desire to be carried as a child but still as an adult.

She also spoke of another life where I was an Indian princess, where Gucci at the time my Yorkie, I knew we had a strong bond one of soulmates, she said that back then he was a female wolf that I had helped bring her liter into the world, we were soulmates.

She spoke about my Mother and I have been together for many lives, filling different roles for one another, that one of those lifetimes we lived in Israel, I was her husband, she my wife, and I knew and had spoken with Jesus.

There is no way I can confirm any of this information, but it did hit home in many ways. I could see how they could very well be true.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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