July horoscope for PISCES

11 Pisces


Your romance and creativity sector are blooming this month, as the new moon solar eclipse on July 12 lands right there, and in good placement relative to dreamy Neptune. Take this mid-month gift as an opportunity to solidify relationship goals if you’re attached, or to swipe right a few extra times if you’re not. If you swore off the apps, now’s the time to act all film noir at that cute speakeasy bar because luck is on your side with this lunar event.

Meanwhile, Mars is angry and sleepy in retrograde all month, as he is for everyone, but this is happening in your house of self-care and vulnerability. To resolve this tension, make sure you’re massaging those anxious thoughts in a positive way. Try tapping or even ASMR (they seem kooky, but people swear by their calming effects). If you bottle those thoughts up, it’ll only delay the process of healing. As the fish of the zodiac, you love to go with the flow, and you’re more sensitive to where the current is directing you. To get through this month, listen more intently than usual to what you need (that’s right, I said YOU, not your family, friends or co-workers). You have the answer already.

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