Suicide, an epidemic these days…

Suicide chart

This is a serious and saddening subject we find ourselves hearing and learning about more recently in the press, 30% more than before 2016.

Most people think that if only they had money, success, love or whatever it is they think will make them happy, their life would be o.k. but the truth is, those things don’t matter if your soul has no peace and your heart is broken.

I personally have thought about it, considered it, and dealt with the turmoil that brought these feelings about. I know how incredibly lost, hurt, empty, sad, overwhelmed and lonely in your despair someone would have to be, in order to take this drastic step, one that if you are successful  you cannot come back from, much less be able to confront your demons and perhaps be able to conquer them once and for all, and eventually have a fulfilling, happy life by healing them.

People like to say it is the easy way out. I don’t agree, it is the hardest decision to make, one that I am sure is not usually taken lightly and one with serious permanent consequences if succesful.

I feel compassion and empathy for those who have chosen this path, at least their Souls will have peace in the after life.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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