Meeting my Aunts friend

Abuelita meaning

I moved to Seattle not knowing anyone except a woman I had reached out to, whom I had gone to high school with for a year back in 1985.

I did know of a friend of my eldest aunt, she had hosted my cousin when she arrived in Washington State a few years before me. I scheduled to meet her for lunch, when she arrived she came with her husband which I was not expecting but was a welcome addition.

First thing she said to me, was how she remembered me in the kitchen as a young teen with my grandmother cooking and hanging out, that she had thought at the time, how rare it was to see that from a young person to chose to be inside and with their grandmother, when most other kids/teenagers were outside and happy to be free.

Her memory of me and that fact, brought a warm feeling to my heart. It is absolutely true, I did prefer to be inside and hanging out with my Grandmother was one of my favorite ways of spending my time.

I was so blessed to have had her in life and to have spent so much time with her.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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