Past life regression session

past life regression

My journey into regression was one that I didn’t find pleasant. The life that came up answered my question about my Mother and our relationship,  not to surprising that is was not a positive life.

In that lifetime I saw myself as a miserable poor woman, who was hungry and angry. My mother was my daughter, whom I had little to no tolerance, love or patience for causing me to be abusive to her.

I didn’t see her kill me, but I felt that she had in that lifetime. I could not figure out when this life took place but it was a dreary, dirty place close to the water, were most of the people were in the same “mood” as I was, depressed, let down, poverty stricken, sickly and all that entails.

When my therapist released me from the trans, I felt heavy and the good mood I had arrived with was gone.

He did walk me through releasing my mother from her contract with me, for this life. I feel I have paid that karma in full and can move on.

At this point in time, I do not feel the need to go back, I am sure I will but not now.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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