Psychic on E. Madison reading!!

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**(Actual picture of the place)

Once it was my turn I walked in to find a young woman, sitting at the end of the table, she looked tired and worn out, probably from the young child I had heard screaming on the phone when I called to schedule my appointment.

Finally it was my turn, and all I needed was some positive news/direction.

In short this is what she said.

First that I am an empath, which I knew, that I am a positive person. What caught me by surprise was when she said that I have a curse on me, the kind a Mexican bruja would have placed on me, years ago, this I also knew, what I didn’t know was that it still was in effect, I thought I had cured it years before.

She spoke to me about having :

  • My thiroid
  • Being an empath
  • Strong psychic abilities
  • Being sensitive to energy, my angels and others energies
  • Being intuitive
  • Being in the medical field in the future
  • Being a leader
  • Not being in a relationship
  • Brujeria
  • Stuck chakras, mostly throat and belly
  • Need to meditate and practice yoga

I will consider everything she had to say, and make steps towards improving, all areas.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 



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