Changing my reaction must be the key!

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Since being regressed and seeing who I was to my mother, I’ve been trying to correct it in order that I heal it and move on.

I realize that every time I think of her, I cringe. This is the first thing I need to conquer, not cringing at the thought of her.

This is a process in process, I have to be aware of my reaction in order to make a conscious change, then make it and hope I can sustain it, so far I am constantly catching myself having the same reaction and having to change my frame of thought and natural reaction.

At least I am aware of it, and am willing to make the change, even though it is a one sided effort.

In the end I only answer to my soul and God. I will keep on working on my personal growth and hopefully be able to conquer my negative feelings.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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