7 Ways to Balance Your Throat Chakra by Jennifer White

I don’t think you’ll find it surprising that your throat chakra is your communication center. It’s important to remember, however, that communication is not just about you talking—it’s also about listening. An imbalanced throat chakra can display itself in many ways. Some signs of imbalance are lying, arrogance, talking too much, being manipulative, fear and timidity. On the other hand, a person with a balanced throat chakra can express him or herself well—and this expression isn’t always verbal.

Artistic expression and contentment in career are other ways that we experience throat chakra harmony. Additionally, and I think most importantly, the throat chakra is one of our emotional centers. The ‘lump in your throat’ phenomenon during sadness is a physical expression of how chakra enthusiasts believe that some of our emotions are stored in the base of your throat—the location of this chakra. Keep in mind, though, that your ears and shoulders are also associated with this chakra—and are other areas where physical discomforts can arise when this chakra is out of whack.

While emotional and mental issues can present physical symptoms of illness, being physically sick can also affect your chakra system. For example, if you have laryngitis, your throat chakra might become affected and need some cleansing work. So let’s look at seven simple ways to cleanse and align your throat chakra.

1. Sing. Singing is an amazing throat chakra cleanser, so sing a song.

2. Drink water. I love water. We’re lucky to have access to healthy drinking water, so take advantage of it. It’s also important to think about what you ingest—or don’t ingest—in general.

3. Hips don’t lie. An unhealthy throat chakra directly affects the rise of kundalini—more on that later or google it for the time being—but other chakra blockages affect this chakra too. Another place we store emotional baggage is in our hips. Next time you practice deep hip-openers on your yoga mat, pay attention to how you also feel a release in your throat.

4. Think blue. Imagine a beautiful blue light—blue is this chakra’s color—at the base of your throat, or in any other associated locations where you’re having trouble. Inhale as you visualize blue—and health and cleansing—filling up these areas, exhale and feel the release of stress and tension. You might even find that you feel a cooling or warming sensation during the process—this is normal.

5. Wear jewelry. I love jewelry. I love to make it, buy it, wear it, you name it, and blue gems are associated with this chakra. Wearing a gorgeous pair of blue earrings or a necklace is a wonderful and easy way to begin to balance your throat chakra.

6.Get a massage. Just throwing this one out there. I always feel better after I get a wonderful neck and shoulder massage. Of course, my massage therapist is fantastic and even works on my ears. Regardless, I’m a big believer in the healing powers of a wonderful massage.

7. Speak the truth with love. One of my best friends always says this. I’m personally guilty of a sharp tongue. Remember and practice this mantra as best as you can. I think it says it all.

Vishuddha, this chakra’s Sanskrit name, fittingly means ‘pure.’ Like the heart chakra, this chakra is often blocked by not letting go of guilt, and cleansing your throat chakra can bring to light things that have long been housed in the dark. Unfortunately, we sometimes need to go through ugly feelings, thoughts and experiences in order to get to the beautiful. It’s worth it, because a healthy throat chakra allows for open communication to other people—and to the higher power that you believe in. Begin to tap into and share the best “you” with the world around you—and you just might find that you get even more joy back than you give.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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