Chapter Two “Repetition” (An excerpt from it)

Book of repitition  (An excerpt from this book)


We come into this world wanting only to love and rejoice, to play and to gurgle. We’re open and trusting because we don’t consciously remember the choice we made in the in-between time to experience suffering in the hopes of healing our karma. Each of us incarnates into a body that’s extremely likely to face situations that will repeat the patterns of our past and re-create painful emotions in us. As souls not yet taking on human form for a new incarnation, we observe the mother and the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and say YES, there’s the perfect parent for me to be born to, the perfect set of conditions for me to experience if I am to overcome my karma. Then we make a contract with our mother to be born from her womb.

Our chosen mother isn’t consciously aware of the contract we make with her; it’s her unconscious mind that enters into an agreement with us. She, too, sees that the interaction between her soul and ours will bring her opportunities for healing her own issues.

According to Kabbalah, the soul visits the fetus while it’s in utero. It inhabits the body, hangs out for awhile, checks things out, and then leaves. Once the fetus is fully formed and ready to be born, the soul occupies the body (although sometimes it doesn’t do so fully until two or three days after birth), ready to experience life in this realm.

As babies, we’re blissfully unaware of the suffering we’ll face in our lives because we were born to come into this world for the purpose of experiencing repetition. The memories of the traumas we suffered in our past incarnations become deeply buried in our unconscious.

The birth process is a traumatic one for all of us. We lose our sense of connection to the Divine as we begin to experience our humanness, and our memories become lodged in our unconscious. We’re pushed- or pulled- out of the warm, secure environment of the womb and subjected to cold air and harsh lights. Although on Earth we mourn death and celebrate birth, on the other side- in the in-between life- it’s just the opposite. Souls are saddened when they see another begin the suffering that is inevitable in a human incarnation….and joyous when they see one detach from it’s human form and rejoin them in the timeless realm where there’s no pain.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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