I am always thankful and grateful, yet…

Image result for the struggle to share space is real

As much as I am thankful, and grateful to my roommate for offering to rent me her extra bedroom, and sharing her living space with me, I am still struggling with sharing space and not having total control over the environment I call home.

My sleep is usually disrupted which is breaking me down. I am not ready to move at this very moment, but I am planning and looking forward to the day I do.

In this struggle, I am realizing that I still have issues that need addressing and healing, which is the positive part, recognizing it and dealing with it is the key!

Like it clearly states in the book I am presently reading, we repeat the lessons we don’t learn from, my roommate is repeating behaviors and has tendencies like my mothers, which trigger me, bringing up negative feelings inside me.

I wish I had the answer to how to heal from them once and for all, yet I am still searching for those answers.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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