Issues that come up…

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Since moving here to Seattle and renting a room, sharing a bathroom and common space, ie. kitchen, living room, etc. it has presented its challenges, trials, and adjustments.

I have found it to be a place of compromise and tolerance, not to mention patiences and openness, I have not experienced in many years.

I have been blessed to find a person who was willing to share her space with me, and be patient in the process, for this and her I will always be grateful.

I have not been able to sleep the amount of time I need in order to be at peace and meet my needs, since my roommate is on a different schedule than I am. I have felt that I am suffering from lack of sleep and space for my things.

As I try to understand myself, I find that a lot of past “stuff” is being triggered, issues that I need to address and heal.

  • My Dad, Mom, exes and now roommate not “allowing” me to sleep as I need is one.
  • My mothers invasion of my space, my thoughts and food

I know what comes up is mine to confront and heal, I remind myself that this is an opportunity for my personal growth.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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