Emotional Incest

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Emotional incest is real! I have had these horrible feelings when around my mother and could not find the right words to describe them, much less the psychological term for it. Finally the answer came to me in a book, where the term and its meaning and cause were perfectly described which matched my experience, It was a moment of awe, when I finally could put a label on the feeling I could not describe.

It is a nice feeling to know you are not alone, or crazy, it is a real thing and it happens to others as well, not that I wish it on anyone, which I don’t but I am not alone which in itself is a bit comforting.

The second book I found this term being used is the one I am presently reading called “Repetition”, I feel lucky to be alive and to be open to learning what is known know about our psyche.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!  


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