Speaking my truth!

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I am so proud of myself for speaking my truth, twice in one day!

First, I had gone up to a coworker to ask for help with something, she snapped at me saying she was busy, that I should send her an email. I walked away feeling like a scolded child.

Later, she sent me an email asking if the problem had been resolved. I responded that it had, “thank you and sorry for bothering you earlier”.

I ran into her later in the lunch room, she walked up to me and apologized, as she did my “usual” reaction was to respond “That’s o.k.” when it is not!  This time I said nicely, that it had caught me off guard and that I appreciated her apology. She kept on apologizing. I think she will think twice before treating me like that again,  now she knows I will speak my truth and not do “sweep it under the rug” behavior, in order to keep from speaking up and ruffling any feathers.

It felt good to say No, it was not o.k. and thank you for taking responsibility for your actions.

♓️ Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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