Same ol’, same ol’…!

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Realizing that I have always felt like a “fish out of water”,  the one who doesn’t fit into what is considered the “norm” and quite frankly don’t want to.

It feels as if I am trying to force something that doesn’t fit, as much as I would like it to, because it would make things easier.

Now, I am more comfortable being ME, even if I don’t “fit” in. I usually feel  as if most people don’t understand me, sometimes I feel unseen.

This is why when I do feel seen, heard and understood, I am shocked but thankful and grateful. I can count on one hand those who get me, others I feel criticize, judge and betray me, by showing me one face while their stabbing me in the back with insults, criticism, and hurtful words.

I am so thankful, to know that what another person thinks, feels and says, has NOTHING to do with me, and only speaks about how they think and feel about themselves.

♓️ Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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