My Akashic Reading

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I spoke to a woman who was referred to me by a very good friend. When I scheduled an over the phone appointment with her, I really had little to no idea what to expect.

I paid her via PayPal and waited for the day of my appointment, she would call me, since she lives in Mexico City and I in Seattle, this interaction would be on the phone.

The day arrived and all I could think about was my upcoming time slot, wondering what I would find out, and how I could possibly use the information to better myself and my souls growth.


I hadn’t prepared any questions, just had an overall curiosity about where I am in regards to my souls growth and journey.

My reading was in Spanish, the facilitator spoke so fast I could barely keep up, not because of any language barrier as I am fluent in Spanish, but because the information was so dense and intense,  & a bit scary how accurate.

I heard what I wanted to hear, I heard what I didn’t, but mostly what I needed. As I write this, I am still processing and absorbing the information that was relayed to me.

I am thankful & grateful I know how incredibly blessed I am to have the opportunities I have had, and the ones yet to come.

Life is a journey, one with winding roads, some lead nowhere others lead to the most beautiful places, where you find yourself, find inner peace and love.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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