Our Patterns are not coincidences.

Image result for our patterns are not coincidence. nothing happens by accident

I know the things I struggle with in my current life are unhealed from my past, either in this lifetime or a previous one or perhaps even an accumulation of many previous lives.

I keep on making consciences efforts to identify them, looking back in order to figure out where I believe they stem from, how and why they begun, I can now see the opportunities I’ve had to heal them and missed the mark.

Knowing these are my patterns which are my “duty” to deal with, and heal. As I have said in previous blogs, I believe the first step is to identify the issues, which can be difficult, the hardest for me is to figure out how and what to do so I can heal.

The book I am currently reading and sharing parts of with you, on my blog, is helping me quite a bit, in identifying the possible roots of my patterns.

Nothing is impossible, I believe we can heal, do you?

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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