Another medium reading


As I am sure you know by now, I am a bit and by bit I mean, a lot! Interested, fascinated and curious about my past lives, the after life, meaning of life, life lessons, and so on.

My roommate told me about a medium she knew in San Diego, and that she would be having a reading on face time with her.

Which peaked my curiosity and interest of course. So, I decided to schedule my own reading as it has been some time since my last.

Her name is Amy Casey, she called me as scheduled and our session began.

She had requested I send her pictures of the people, actually souls I wanted to connect with. I sent her the family picture we took back in 1983’ish when they were all alive.

A picture I treasure!

Not in this order, but she spoke of my Grandfather Bruce, being a loving and kind soul, and a veteran, all of it right on the mark.

She spoke of a soul coming through bringing up the number 5, at first I had no idea what she was trying to get to, until she brought up guns, and chest area. It dawned on me, she was conveying the energy/ soul of my uncle Manuel, that had been assassinated in May (5th month) by a gunshot to the chest. She also gave me the message “You know I love you”

She brought up my grandmothers soul, who spoke of a ring, I happen to have my “little Grandmas” ring, one of the very few if not only thing I have of hers with me.

About me at the present time, she spoke of me coming into self, which I can feel progressively and that I am very intuitive, psychic and can feel, talk/communicate regularly with my angels.

Out of the blue she asked me if I knew of a person with the name Maria Elena, this caught me off guard, she said that the souls on the other side, had a warm “Hello” and to send their love from them all for her. This is my Aunt, that I am close to, of course I passed on the message, even when I feel a bit odd doing it. Oh well!

They spoke about my freedom and boredom, and the courage I had to pick up my life and move, including all the “moves” changes and healing I am in the process of.

That my mothers coldness towards me, is to make me more self-sufficient in life, which it has, so if this was one of my intentions for choosing her as my mother, then I succeeded! That I should be thankful that my mother took on, such a difficult task in showing me exactly what I don’t want to be or become.

As always, i am thankful and grateful for all the messages, and the confirmation I am on the right track.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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