Admittedly, I know I need to heal so many things in my life,  especially my relationships with my Mother, Father and Siblings. I will have to do this sans-them.

I was so incredibly blessed with my Grandmothers and my Grandfather. They showed me the love, I did not see or feel from my Mother and siblings. I wish my reality was different than this, but this is my reality and so it is. I thought it sucked! Now I realize it is an opportunity for growth, I believe I chose this in order to learn and heal and perhaps pay back some kind of karma.

This has to be for the better good, since i believe nothing happens by mistakes of coincidence, nor do things happen in vain, just for the hell of it. There is always something bigger to be attained.

In the end I am blessed regardless of how it might not feel so great, it is for the best and for my betterment.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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