Another life gone to soon…


I wrote a blog earlier this year about suicide and the rapid increase in rate of them. This year alone I have personally known 2 suicide victims, and recently I found out another friend of mine, passed away, I don’t know how yet, but regardless another soul has gone back to heaven.

Life is short, this is a fact, this is a wakeup call, it is SHORT!!!! I personally need to head this and stop taking my time for granted.

I am going to make it my intention to live the life I have, explore, enjoy and appreciate every day as if it was the last, which is a million times easier to say than do.

Honestly, I have made this promise to myself more than once, and guilty of not following through.

While I am truly grateful and thankful for all I am, every blessing and every lesson I’ve experienced and had. I still find myself wasting time and getting lost in the everyday rat race we call life.

All, I can do is make it a priority and be mindful to make the effort to LIVE!!! Actually LIVE!! 


♓️ Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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