Stop! No, is a complete sentence!


I continue to struggle with people who bully me without realizing what they are doing,  when I point out how it feels to me, they try to justify their behavior and basically blow me off as being too sensitive or in the wrong, I am learning to stand up for myself and say NO! It’s not o.k!

I find that some will tell me I am wrong or that I shouldn’t feel this way. Tell me exactly how YOU can tell ME, how I feel? When I ask you to stop and you don’t , I feel abused a victim, I don’t enjoy feeling this way, and neither would you. So when I say Stop, It means STOP!!!! 

STOP!! to me means, you are hurting me, I don’t want this, please refrain from the behavior that is causing me distress. I feel shamed, I don’t like it, It hurts, I am not comfortable. It’s NOT o.k. How many other ways can I say it?

When I am faced with this and the person makes it out to be a “joke” or something funny, I feel devalued, shamed, not seen & not heard.

It is difficult for me to speak up, and when I do and it is not taken seriously,  but instead I am ridiculed, I feel helpless, and desperate to end it at any cost, usually my own, by self inflicted punishment, causing me more shame.

So next time I say No or stop, please do! It is not up to your opinion of how I should feel.

No! Is a complete sentence. Period!

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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