6 Ways To Remove Negative Vibes In Your Home And Your Life By Matt Caron

Who likes to have a home or space that feels heavy with negative energy? No one! These are some simple things you can do to change the way your home or space feels.

1) Smudging

For thousands of years, smudging has been an integral part of eastern spiritual rituals and Native American holistic medicine. A cleansing practice with ancient roots, it would be used when a person was sick, moving into a new living situation, clearing ‘bad energy’ built up over time, and in other cultural practices. Interestingly, smudging has been proven to disinfect the air to a certain extent.

2) Music

Everything has a specific vibration, even us. Our vibration is very subtle and usually depends on our emotional/mental state; this is why music can shift our vibration, to a huge degree. Playing an instrument, singing, or just listening to music can transform the way you feel and bring positive energy into your space. There are also some positive health benefits that can occur when you sing and/or play music — lowering of blood pressure, improving posture, and improving cognition.

3) Plants

One of the greatest and simplest ways to improve the vibration of your home is to add some life! Plants are full of life-force, and have been scientifically proven to clean the air inside the home. They’re also a great natural negative energy filter. You’ll notice the difference right away if you put a plant in each room. And don’t forget to open the curtains and allow sunshine to come in, as this is a fantastic energy clearer as well.

4) Essential Oil Spray

Spraying your room with some water infused with essential oils is a fantastic way to clear negative energy. Lavender, patchouli, frankincense, and rose are all fantastic oils to use. Just a few drops in a basic spray bottle is all you need! You can even spray it on yourself.

5) Rose Quartz

In matters of the heart, rose quartz reigns supreme. This beautiful pink gemstone gets its name from its soft color and heart-healing energy. Like many healing gemstones, it has been used for thousands of years; but it was always prized for its feminine essence. This powerful, heart-centered energy absorbs negative energy and helps to clear destructive thoughts. You can wear it or place some in each room.

6) Himalayan Salt Lamps

One of the most popular, and even possibly the most beautiful inventions in the past few years is the Himalayan salt lamp. Their natural tone and soft glow make them a natural fit for the home. But interestingly, their beauty goes beyond just surface level. Believe it or not, it’s has been discovered that salt lamps have a power similar to that of a waterfall or ocean: they create negative ions.

It is the added element of heat that causes this water to evaporate, creating the negative ions. Negative ions are naturally found in nature near waterfalls and oceans and before rain storms. These are sources that generally make us feel very peaceful. My spirit is always renewed by being near an ocean. Whether that feeling is attributed to negative ions or the beauty of the moment is irrelevant when I am standing in front those waves mesmerized by their movement and sound.

Place as many as you want everywhere you can! They go really well with plants.

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