I respond to….

You respond to quality words

Once your partner gives you their full attention, for you and only you, you feel fulfilled. You feel grateful when they listen to you all the way, without interrupting, trying to understand your thoughts and feelings, without necessarily giving you their point of view or ‘advice’. Another of your essential needs is the need to share time together. Whether for an activity: a short walk, a movie, a spot of shopping, a romantic dinner, a weekend away together, a meaningful discussion… even watching a TV program that you will discuss afterwards. The main thing is that you share a quality moment together – and not with your partner’s attention elsewhere. During these moments, you feel loved and appreciated – ‘My partner is interested in me and is ready to spend time with me and for me to share something that I like doing’. Some advice: If your partner has understood your language of love, then you are happy. However, if this isn’t quite the case, then you can perhaps make a few suggestions that will help forge your couple even further (You can even show them these test results). While you are both talking, teach them the art of paying attention to you, doing nothing else during that time. Explain to them that you aren’t looking for answers, but more of a sympathetic ear and empathy, that can even been in silence. To be sure that they’ve understood you and that you’ve understood each other, ask them to paraphrase whatever it is you’ve told them and what they understood about your thoughts and feeling. Good listening comes from the desire of the listener to understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Finally, to make sure that you actually get time together, why not open your agendas and fix your common activities, at home or outside – at least once a fortnight?

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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