Overcoming Fear In Times Of Transition By Krystal Thompson

I think the idea of “finding” peace is misleading. Most of us have been brought up in a collective unconscious that encourages anxiety, scarcity, and fear. Rather than finding peace within these states, I believe it is up to us to cultivate it. Consider a garden. New seeds must be tended to, unseen, for weeks. We cover a seed with precious earth, water it regularly, and trust that it will sprout when it’s ready. What if we treated ourselves with the same patience and trust? During times of transition, you are a seed germinating in your own earth. There are gardens behind you and gardens ahead of you, but you must nourish the present in order to sprout.

When You’re Not Sure Which Path to Take

Do you ever feel like you have too many options, or that you’re not sure which path to follow? On its surface, this is actually a good thing, as it means that you are in touch with the diversity of your unique gifts and strengths. If you can see many paths, then you are capable of many paths. It is likely, however, that some of the paths available to you are leftover options from the garden of self that you just tilled.

Commit, instead, to the new seeds that you’ve planted. Resist the temptation to do what is familiar. If you are in a period of transition and are unsure of which path to take, you must first be honest with yourself about what you are walking away from and what you are moving toward. This is going to require some dismantling of the ego, which can feel tumultuous at first. But it is a necessary step in your expansion.

The ego’s primary job is to keep us safe: secure, stable, and accepted. Though it is a protective energy and shows up with good intentions when we follow the ego’s guidance we often end up feeling stuck, misaligned, or limited. We all desire and deserve some level of security, but be careful to not confuse that with stagnation. So when you’re surveying your options, be honest with yourself about what you’re choosing for safety and what you’re choosing for true alignment with your highest good. The presence of fear is a sign that you’re growing.

Resist Old Patterns

Whether we are aware of them or not, we each carry patterns. Patterns of communication, of decision making, of behavior. While there may not necessarily be anything wrong with your patterns, you are going to have to change some of them if you want to cultivate something new in your life. Be aware of the tendency to behave in a way that is familiar rather than in a way that is expansive. When we act as we are used to, we self-sabotage our ability to grow and expand into more dynamic versions of ourselves.

If you are reading this, I am confident that you’re on a path of transcendence. Honor what has brought you here, and find gratitude for the germination stage. The growth might be beneath the surface, but something beautiful is happening within you.

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