The move is on…Finally!

download2(Actual entrance)

Finally the move is on… within a day I will be moving to my new place here in Seattle, in Capitol Hill. It is a small studio in a building that was built in 1927, it has hardwood floors on the third floor of a walk up.

The move is a bit daunting, because of the difficulty to move in, since there is no elevator or loading zone for unloading, only street parking.

Diverse Capitol Hill is packed with hip bars, eateries and gay clubs, plus laid-back coffee shops and indie stores. Volunteer Park, atop the hill in a historic mansion district, has walking trails, a plant conservatory, panoramic city views and the art deco Asian Art Museum.

From what I gather it is the “Hillcrest” of San Diego in Seattle.

I have signed a one year lease, with the hopes that this small quaint studio, will be a positive experience for me, a place I will call home. I have never lived in the center of a city where I can walk around and enjoy things and places I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I am excited for this new chapter to begin!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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