I still catch myself

I think we’ve all experienced that moment when we realize we are falling back into old patterns or behaving in a way that needs to be adjusted or changed. I know I do.

I am finding myself constantly rewording thoughts in my mind, stopping myself from thinking certain things, I am sure I am not catching all of them, how many times do I miss it?

I find I fall back into negative self talk about my weight, intelligence and likeness. I also, find myself diminishing my self worth and my strengths. These are all patterns of my past, which I am aware of.

When they say the struggle is real, it really can be. To be mindful is a full time job, one I can only do when I am awake, the subconscious mind when I sleep is still a work in progress. I guess that when I have more of a strong hold and control of my thoughts, and actions, it will spill over to my subconscious.

I have no idea how to make the changes stick so that they are ingrained in me. I will not stop in my journey to be more mindful, making the changes that need to be done, in order for me to live a life that is conscious.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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