Old “Flame”?!


It is a bit crazy to me, that some men who were interested in me years ago, are still interested after so many years. One in particular, I dated back in my prime, when I was 35 when I was the fittest I had ever been or will be.

He took me to London, L.A., Palm Springs, and more. I just never felt that Je ne sais pas? That fire in my belly for him,  I did think he was attractive, we had chemistry, he is 6’3″  attractive, he was nice, homeowner, entrepreneur, etc. and I couldn’t see him for the narcissist he is and always was, yet that pull was missing.

Still after more than a decade, closer to two, we are still in contact from time to time, all initiated by him. I usually decline his invitations because they are not enticing to me,  I feel there is nothing in it for me, in regards to my growth or happiness. When he does throw out something that peaks my interest I accept, most of the times, I regret that I did, but oh well, what is life if not a series of ups and downs? Some yeses we will be happy we made, some not so much.

It’s called life!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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