5 Reasons Why Some People Heal And Some Don’t By Dr. Paul Haider

Have you known someone who healed completely from a terrible illness? And another person you know who had the exact same thing, who perhaps died? Here are a few reasons why this happens.

They Have Self-Love

Many people love themselves and are willing to do whatever they need to do to get better. They take their herbs and medications; go exercise and eat a plant-based diet, and let go of vices like smoking and drinking. They get 8 hours of sleep and meditate to get rid of stress. And if they are told they need to do something else, they comply and make it happen without grumbling about it.

They Have Unconscious Peace of Mind

Those who heal also like themselves. They like who they are deep down inside and are willing to look at themselves deeply. They have cleansed away all doubts about getting better as they know they will heal. Plus all anger about the past has been healed because anger prevents healing. They then become one with the Great Spirit.

They Let Go of All Worries

Those who heal let go of all worries and give their worries up to God, Great Spirit, and the Universe. They see the good in all things and thus they smile and laugh all the time, which leads to healing. They know that worry is the opposite of healing. So, they are always at peace because they have a deep sense of love for the Great Spirit and know that whatever happens is supposed to happen, accepting these all with love.

They Refuse to be Stressed

Stress starts a cascade of hormones that create inflammation in the body which leads to disease. On the other hand, the opposite happens if a person lets go of all the stress. Healing will then take place very quickly. Think of the Norman Cousins who healed themselves with laughter, which is amazing.

They Believe Without a Doubt They will get Better

Many studies have been done showing that if your doctor feels you will get better you will heal about 40% of the time. If you feel you will get better, you will heal about 60% of the time. But if you and your doctor feel you get better, just about 100% of the time you will heal completely. What we believe really does matter!

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