The sculpting of your being

We are born with a clean slate, of a sort, at least consciously.

Because of this, we trust our parents and care givers without hesitance, as innocent children we let them see our vulnerable side, our weaknesses, we show them unconditional love, we show our soul. They in turn have the opportunity to either lead, guide and show us how to live. They should teach us how to stay safe in order for us to explore, yet most fail, because  they choose to take the easy route, instead of thinking of their children and their future, they share their hurt, their damage, their opinions which then sculpt us and mark us for life. These things they share are part of their experience and anger, not ours, yet we carry them as if they were.

I believe as much as is possible, that considering our past lives and the memories and lessons that are ingrained in our soul, that we are born with a blank slate, one that can be scribed damaged & tarnished, sadly and most likely it will be by the people we trust and love the most.

Sometimes the kindest most loving people don’t belong to our tribe. Which I consider a blessing from God! Sometimes those who are “supposed” to love us the most, don’t.

It is much harder to unlearn these things, to retrain our minds, to think for ourselves and not as we are “programmed”. This is when being mindful is helpful in keeping us in the now and in our personal reality.

We spend our first decades of our lives being sculpted by others, then if we are lucky enough to know we need to change, we spend the later decades trying to unlearn, heal and forgive those who caused the most damaging “sculpting” of our souls.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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