How do you feel when people talk about lack of …?


Is it just me? I wonder if others get uncomfortable, when people talk or complain about lack of money. I find it to be a turn off, where I find myself avoiding them and not wanting to be around them.

I don’t want to hear negativity, or talk of lacking in anyway. I know most of us, have at some time in our lives worried about a lack of it, or anything else we need to survive, we definitely don’t need other people to remind us by bring it up and to the forefront.

I usually try to redirect their comments to be positive, making them aware of the energy they are giving it and sharing with those around them. Unfortunately, they have already sent it the negativity into the universe, which in turn gives me two jobs, one of trying to refocus the other person, the other is not let it sink in or affect me.


The Universe is truly abundant, we are meant to have abundance in every way, in all ways.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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