Caution!!! We have the power to invoke them….



I get a call from my mother & Father on the same day I see a new therapist, I am thinking that all the talking and energy  towards them and about them made them come out of the wood work, my mother called to say she had found a box of mine with papers from the 90’s asking me what I wanted her to do with them, very random.

I knew I had invoked them by telling my new therapist about some of my past. About the experiences that marked me for life, after them I would never be who I was intended to be. They crushed my spirit, broke my heart, devastated my mind and crippled my soul, I am still working on putting the pieces were they were meant to be, they are chipped, shattered pieces that I am working on gluing together with hope, faith, therapy, patience, all while learning to show myself kindness which I didn’t receive, and knowing that no matter how much I work on me, and healing you can never be as you were meant to be, you can put the pieces together however you can, but they are still pieces and fragments.

Here they were calling me, with no knowledge of the day I had had, which I was not about to share it with them,  I refrain now from being vulnerable to them and  almost anyone else, this is one form of price I am paying.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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