It’s not you… It’s Me!


I honestly can’t say why I need so much time for myself, to process and just be in the moment as much as I can.

I am saddened to hear, that when I distance myself from those who love and need me to be present, that it affects them, that they doubt my love for them. I wish I could communicate how wrong they are in that assumption. My taking time for myself, being  introverted, is no reflection of my feelings for them or anyone, it is just one of my needs a part of my personality.

What I wish they knew, is that I love them so deeply, that I assume they will know it regardless of my distance. If only they knew or I could express that my love is forever.

I think I back away because I love so deeply, that at times it overwhelms me. It scares me to love someone so profoundly that I can loose myself,  I become overwhelmed when I am around other people, leaving me feeling drained and exhausted.

Being vulnerable is a new concept and goal I have, it is a scary one for sure. I will continue to be mindful & try and make more of an effort, to show and verbalize my feelings, in the end I am who I am, I can bend and be more expressive while still having to maintain my distance for my soul to get what it needs to refresh, learn and heal.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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