Rock & Roll medium

Rock & Roll Medium

I had my second session with her. I was underwhelmed this time, but I really can’t blame her as I was having a hard time grounding myself, and asking my Angels for what I needed from them. So it was no surprise when she picked up on that immediately.

She did tell me that I would be changing jobs in the spring of next year and that I would meet my person then. She also saw me with my “baby” one day, as she had before hand.

When I asked her if she saw me moving back to SD, she didn’t see it and neither do I. Yet, Seattle may not be my forever home either, I will probably move from here as well.

I asked if my Angels had any message on how I can stay connected, she said the only thing that came through was to PRAY! This advice was something I knew I would hear in a way, I had been feeling I need to go to Church, this just confirmed that.

When it came to my Mother, she said that sadly she believes my mother will apologize to me, but I will have to wait until she has passed away. I agree with her, that I will not see it while she is alive, which is so sad but it is what it is, as they say. Knowing that her cruelty has made me a stronger person is the only way I can forgive it (as much as I can).

She also addressed the fact, that it will not be easy for me to forgive my mother and sister for keeping me away from my niece, and punishing me for their jealousy of me being me.

She said that my Angels want me to bring down my walls when it comes to being open to receiving my future love, because even though I might feel I see or feel similarities with the past, it is not the same.

She said my family would want to get close to me, once I find myself in a relationship, but I will keep them at “arms length”. Honestly if they could leave me when I am all alone, they don’t deserve to be close to me, when I am not.

The message they always send is that they are proud of me, for taking the steps to move forward in my life, even though it means doing it alone.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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