10 Tips To Boost Your Self-Esteem By Carol James

One of the essential things for being successful in life is the amount of self-esteem and confidence you have. It is something you should pursue actively. Unfortunately, most of us look at the outside indicators like how people react to something we say or do, and we forget that these external indicators are influenced by who reacts to us and what experiences and expectations they have. Because we do not control that, it is necessary to build our self-esteem from the inside out. Once we know our worth and who we are the outside world will adjust.

1. Know your strength

What aspects of yourself do you like? What are you already good at? What are your strengths? Come up with at least ten positive attributes before proceeding to the next step. Keep this list on you at all times and read it each time you feel lowly.

2. Be positive and optimistic

Do you know the song: “Always look on the bright side of life”? Start living these words and stop thinking negatively about where you are today. Instead look at all these things you have already achieved in your life and visualize (dream) of everything that is still to come.

3. Develop an attitude of gratitude

Every night and every morning say thanks for all you already have and for the unique things that have happened during the last day. You will be surprised how much there is to be grateful for. Even when life seems glum, you can be thankful for being alive, having a roof over your head, enough food to eat, clean water to drink, etc. We all have so much already, but we take most things for granted. Take this exercise seriously because it can change your life.

4. Set SMART goals for all your plans

Write your goals, dreams, and desires down in as much detail as possible. Then prioritize them and start working on your number one goal immediately by breaking it down into small, achievable steps. Go through your list of goals and actions every single day until it has become a new habit. Tick off and celebrate each achievement.

5. Be proactive

Do not waste your time while waiting when something will happen, instead make things happen. Fuel your motivation and determination by imagining what it will be like when you have achieved what you aim at achieving. Communicate with other people to make them know about your plans and in what aspect they can help you.

6. Make each person feel that she/he is significant

High self-esteem means you feel good about yourself. Helping other people feel good about themselves will also bolster your confidence, and by making the people around you feel significant, you will eventually see amazing results – in your life and theirs.

7. Mix with the right people

Sometimes it is necessary to improve your circle of influence. Join social clubs or organizations like Lions, Kiwanis, business networks, etc. in which you are likely to find successful, confident people. Good social contacts can give you further assurance.

8. Find balance in life

Go in for sports or hobbies. It can increase your self-confidence. Moreover, it can help you keep your health strong. It’s a core for a sound body and a clear mind. So, when you have no problems with health and are feeling good, that plays a significant role in improving your self-esteem and gaining balance in life.

9. Learn from your failures

We all have failures and disappointments which frequently result in low self-esteem. When our goals and objectives are not achieved, we get frustrated and can become negative about our capabilities. None of this helps. The main difference between the winners and losers is the speed at which they get up again and what they learn from their failures. Failures and disappointments are part of life, and the best way to overcome them is by learning the lessons they offer us.

10. Enroll in self-improvement seminars or life coaching

If you don’t know what to begin with, a coach or mentor can be beneficial. Also emerging yourself in the positive atmosphere of self-improvement seminars can help you find your purpose and gain self-esteem and confidence. Reading self-help books and listen to CD programs is useful but the most successful method from the outside is coaching as it gives you someone who holds you accountable.

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