I’ve identified another “pattern” of repitition


I have identified yet another pattern/repetition in my life. It started out with my Mother putting pressure on me to care for my younger sister, burdening me with her (I was only 11 when she was born) I could not go out with my friends or boyfriend because I “had” to babysit. Then she burdened me with herself, caring for her every whim.

Eventually, I worked for a man that before knew it, had burdened me with his three daughters, having to drive them back and forth, soccer, doctors, friends, etc. as if I was the parent.  Finally, after 10 years working for him I quit, but not until two of his daughters could drive themselves.  I move three states away to be free, only to end up living with a person who burdened me with her dog, until I was able to verbalize how it made me feel and set boundaries.

I get so angry at this imposition, and find myself brewing within because I have not been able to  set clear boundaries. This feeling/emotion of mine, is also a pattern/repetition.  Since I cannot change the outer world, I can only focus and change myself,  how I react and  let situations like this or any affect me.

I am going start by setting clear boundaries, putting a stop and verbalize clearly and firmly to the person trying to burden me, in anyway, that it is NOT o.k.

The people or pets they burden me with, were not my choice, they were theirs and so if they are to be a burden to someone it should be them, NOT ME!

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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