Proof once more

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Last time I spoke with my Mother, I kept on thinking to myself and praying, repeating    “I love this person”, purposely I continued to have positive feelings and thoughts about her, and guess what?! It worked!!! A few days later, I received a card from her, saying that she had loved our conversation and was happy about it.

I realized that she could feel my positive loving energy,  I was sending her love through the phone with my thoughts and intention.

Our thoughts are so incredibly powerful, they have energy that transmit, while my heart is still hurt and bruised and may never recover from being broken repeatedly, I am very happy she felt my love, because at the end of the day, she is my mother, I did chose her, and I am grateful for the woman I am today, much of it is because of her and the lessons she has bestowed onto me.

As they say “What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger” all I can say to that is “AMEN!”

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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