I hope he was kind…


I have never thought about it, because I never knew my Grandparents together. As I sit here my thoughts go to them,  I hope my grandfather showed her kindness at least some. Unfortunately, I don’t think he did, and if he did it was probably fleeting.

Life did not show her a lot of kindness, especially from the men in her life. Her first husband from what little I know, was horrid. The second would cheat on her and eventually leave her for her niece. A blessing in disguise! Nonetheless, it must have hurt and crushed her heart.

She never spoke of it, or the pain it had caused her. She was a valiant woman, one who suffered in silence and alone. She sheltered her children and grandchildren from her pain.

As I think about the most hurtful words she said to me, I realize it is something she thought of herself, it breaks my heart that she carried such a huge burden, believing she deserved the harsh life she had lived, and that she somehow had caused it.

I miss you Abuelita and look forward to the day we see each other again, until then you live on in my heart, memories and thoughts.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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