Music moves me

Image result for music moves me (This is how I feel with music that moves me)

I Love music!  Yet I have never wanted to play any instrument and, no one including myself wants to hear me sing, even though I would love it if I had the talent.

Music moves me, literally!!! As a child I started ballet at age 3, because my mother said she would see me constantly dancing around to any music I would hear. I then added tap, jazz and theater dance, I did this passionately until I was 17, even though I don’t take classes any longer and my body can’t move as it once did. I find myself moved to dance, sway, or any kind of movement when I hear music, especially if it touches me, either by its rhythm, it’s versus/words etc.

I didn’t notice it that much until several people called it to my attention. Not until then did I notice that this is something I do all the time without thought, but by instinct.

I love that my soul feels happy and filled with joy when I hear music especially when it moves me, both emotionally and physically.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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