“Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series

I watched the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”.

All I knew about him before watching this TV mini-series, was that he is a singer, a talented one at that, he was married to a woman who was on a reality TV show, I watched a few years ago.

As I watched and heard the stories of these courageous women who came forward to speak of the horrendous acts inflicted on them, I found myself in tears and disbelief, that a human being can be so cruel to another.

I found out that he can barely read and write, he is one of three boys in his family, he is the middle child and that he was molested as a child by a family member.

Unfortunately, none of these facts are unique today. These things are common to many people, the difference is that most people don’t turn around and inflict their pain onto others in the ways he did or sadly still does.

He was charged more than once for his offenses, he either was acquitted or charges were dropped, even though they had video of these acts on minors. All of which were under aged African American girls.

He is nothing short of a predatory pedophile who needs to be stopped and also needs to account for his actions.

I believe that no matter how many times he is able to get away with it here on earth, he will have to account for all of it, be it here or not. He will see it from their point of view, how they felt, the damage he caused and the lifelong effects of not only his victims but of their families and friends. This is a terrible chain of actions!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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