New book club


Started a new book club, I found the post on “Nextdoor neighbor” it got my attention because of the theme, of self-development, self-help, emotional intelligence, etc. and the fact that the first meeting was at the organizers apartment, that literally is around the corner from where I live. It couldn’t have been more convenient.

As I walked up, I met three of the women waiting outside for our host to open the door. Once the host opened the door we were led to her apartment, a small one bedroom with a life size mannequin all dressed in black with a mask in the living room space which I thought was odd.

We all brought a “snack” to share, and the host had provided the wine, a $3 buck chuck! Our host a lovely African American woman, who works in accounting, the other members (all women) are of varied backgrounds and ethnicity, a diverse group.

Two African American women, on Persian, four American and myself half Mexican/American, ages varied from about 25 to 55.

We all seemed to get on well, as we sat around the coffee table. They decided the first book we would read is “The up side of down” by Megan McArdle.

I am not too excited about this book, but I do want to be part of something, so I will buy and attempt to read it. We scheduled our next meeting in two weeks and a local restaurant.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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