Watch what happens L!ve…


Going through my DVR, I got to the last episode of “Watch what happens live” with Andy Cohen, and his guest were Cynthia Bailey from the “The Real housewives of Atlanta” on Bravo and Ru Paul.

Never in my wildest dreams, did I think this episode would bring me to tears, but it did. Ru Paul, was asked by Andy, what advice he would give him on his son who is about to be born. Ru Paul said “Your son already knows you, he knows everything about you, and he chose YOU!”

WOW! I cried because it touched my heart, to realize how evolved he is, and that he as I believe the same things, at least when it comes to this kind of thing. I did stop myself to gather my thoughts and process his words. As I thought about it, I realized the message for me. I chose my parents, my siblings, my life.

As I remind myself  again, I am thankful for every single person in my life, especially my parents and siblings, since they have had the most significant roles in my life, knowing I chose this, for a reason, to learn, forgive and move forward. I am so thankful, grateful and see how blessed I truly am. I am a work in progress to learn to be thankful for all the experiences, that at the time, I believed were terrible and horrible, instead I am grateful and pray to god I have learned what I intended to learn.

Also, I have been told a few times from different “mediums” that my mother took her role as my mother to teach me, she suffers and is in chronic pain, to teach me and others around her. Instead of thinking she is this cruel person, I am thanking her, for “taking one for the team” because of her I am who I am, because of her, I am a better person overall.

There are no coincidences or mistakes. Life is all part of a bigger plan, one we chose.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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