It’s like waiting for a bus

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It was a Saturday morning, I was sure to check the bus schedule, before I left home so that I could time it perfectly. I was there with minutes to spare. I waited and waited and waited! I kept on checking the app to check it’s ETA, before I knew it, the bus I was waiting for had vanished into thin air, the next one wouldn’t be arriving for another 20 minutes. WT*?!

I was not happy as you can imagine, there I was sitting on a cold steel bench in 40 degree weather, especially since I was there for at least 15 minutes before that.

Later on, while I sat watching TV, it came to my mind, and I thought to myself, that waiting today for that bus, checking the schedule, being on time to catch it, only for it not to arrive as scheduled, reminded me of my current love life, or lack there of.

I have done the painful work, I have been alone to make sure I was ready, and now I wait, I wait and wait and wait for my love, my person. I know he is coming but where is he?? I know I didn’t miss him, is he just behind schedule? That can’t be since everything happens when it is supposed to.

Even though I know this, it is still frustrating and lonely at times, while I wait for divine timing, I remind myself to be patient!!!

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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