Learned by being single


What I’ve learned from being single

  1. I have a lot of courage. I am not afraid to go through life, pursuing my dreams, and going off the beaten path by myself. I’m not afraid of breaking through the norms of society when they hold me back from being authentic. And I don’t sit around, putting my life on hold, until that special someone shows up. I don’t let fear hold me back from experiencing as much as I can of life; which is why I’ve walked away from my job, walked away from the traditional idea of “home”, traveled, and move to another state, where I knew no one.
  2. I am fiercely independent. This might be a little bit of a negative when it comes to being in a relationship, but I know that I can hold my own regardless of what life throws my way.
  3. Listening to my heart, instead of my mind, is the best way to navigate life. My heart never steers me wrong. My mind, however, can fill me up with fear that holds me back.
  4. I live life at peace with who I am. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with my heart and soul and see that at my core I am love. I am complete and perfect in my imperfections. While I do continue to evolve and grow, I don’t feel the need to hide any aspects of me or use someone else as a crutch to make me feel better about myself, or need anyone’s approval or acceptance.
  5. I am an interesting person. I have experienced many different things, peoples and cultures in the world. I have worked in a variety of businesses. I have overcome my personal hardships and losses in my life. All of these things make me “me” and “me” is awesome!
  6. Even when I am alone, I am rarely lonely. Because I am at peace with myself, I’m not afraid to be alone, and actually enjoy it and definitely need it. While I do have more than enough time to include others in my life and want to for sure, I also cherish my “alone” time which I need to recharge.

Someday I will have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. For now, I am immensely thankful and grateful for the life that I have and for who I am. I think I’ll celebrate by loving myself and having a “date” with me, myself and I! (Best company ever)

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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