3 Powerful Tools To Raise Your Emotional Frequency For Protection By Rebecca L. Edwards

The 3 Powerful Tools

• Cleanse – It is very important to cleanse our energy when intuitively prompted to do so. I do this by taking a moment to close my eyes and use my mind’s eye to create an environment of peace. I then ask my higher self to identify what energy is NOT mine and cleanse my emotional epicenter.

I then say, “I now cleanse my whole self of all energy that is not in alignment with my highest vibrations and frequencies. Divine source please cleanse all negative, low vibration emotions and release all energy that is NOT mine.” End with a cleansing breath of gratitude and say, “Thank You’”!

• Clear – Being clear on what emotional frequency I desire to resonate at will enhance my ability to “quantum jump” to the emotional state that I desire to be at.  I’ve learned that I must make a conscious effort to clear my emotional space and energy field when necessary.

To do this I use this clearing statement, “Spirit guides, guardian angles and Divine power, please clear all negative energy that is not incarnate to my whole, healthy being. I ask for all negative energy to be cleared from my mind, body, soul, space, aura, cells and chakras for my best and highest good.” As always, I take a deep breath and say, “Thank You”!

• Transmute – After I cleanse and clear, I find it most helpful to transmute all residual negative energy because if I still feel any emotional disturbances, I may pass them along to my loved ones, family, friends or unsuspecting innocent passersby without realizing what is happening.

As a lightworker, I desire to help others be their best so I must first address my spiritual maintenance and fine-tune all the working parts that make me who I am as a being of light. I then say, “I now call back all of my positive energy so that I may have unknowingly given away or had taken from me. I call back all energy that supports my desire to be kind, loving, and receptive to all positive vibrations and healing frequencies. I honor the divine in me.” As always end with a deep breath and say, “Thank you!”

The Most Powerful Tool is LOVE

The most powerful thing about spiritual tools is that you can mold them to fit your own personality by using supporting statements of self-healing that honor your highest self. You can adopt a variety of tools to fit into your own repertoire of healing and spiritual practice. If all healing is done in genuine love, then no healing will be done the wrong way. Love is the purest form of self-care whether it is directed towards ourselves or for helping others in healing their own emotional frequencies for the most powerful, long-lasting life transformations.

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