Dominick Dunne


I watched the Dominick Dunne story on Prime video called “After the party”.

As I listen to him talk and tell his story which is fantastical. I cannot help but hear my mother, he reminds me of her, they use the same language. It’s crazy!

He talks about living a celibate life, so does my mother. He talks about his ex-wife, saying she was the love of his life,  he never got over her, even after they divorced, just like my mom with my dad.

They do have difference, in that he “lived” his life, when he was younger, he ran in “famous” circles, rubbing elbows, with celebrities and using alcohol and drugs for the fun of it, basically he partied like a rock star, unlike my mother.

The documentary told by him, was interesting and short.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 



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