The Art & Spirituality Of Reinvention By Avery Phillips

In life, it’s good to practice realism and embrace objectivity. However, a strong sense of realism can sometimes breed pessimism and negativity; the idea of being too old for something or having wasted too much time already is a real concern and something you recognize as you get older. So people give up on themselves. They don’t have to, though. It’s important to recognize the difference between pessimism and realism. Things may be physically harder for you as you grow. You may have less time. But it’s never too late to make your life better. Oftentimes it’s a matter of adapting and changing your mindset. You can reinvent yourself. You can experience rebirth. But it starts with you.

Choosing Today

Find the things in your life that fit the person you want to become and emphasize them. Follow those paths and expand on them. It should be noted that it’s not about becoming a different person but becoming someone who embodies your values. This, of course, starts with the right mindset. The changes you want to make start with simply deciding you will make them. This doesn’t mean deciding you want to make changes, but deciding you will make them and you are making them. It’s a mental decision that is the ultimate spark of transformation for a person. Once you’ve decided you are a new person, you can rebuild your life around your new mindset.

Adventuring Outside of Your Head

It’s time to travel from inside your head to out in the real world. Recognize first how the physical and spiritual are connected. To fully reinvent yourself, you have to pay attention to your body and treat it well. Different workout routines and diets help with different lifestyles. They enhance different senses and train your brain to think in particular ways. So focus your physical everyday life on your end goals. That said, remember that your goals cannot replace your personal health.When we talk of catering your lifestyle to your goals, that does not mean starve yourself of food or sleep, break important relationships, or hurt other people for your own benefit. That would be unhealthy and would put you in your own way.

Learning with Others

Your social life (or lack thereof) is important in your development as a new person. Some people need isolation to process — but some people process with other people. For instance, one way people try to change and better themselves is by pursuing a career in social work. They often find a new sense of ethics and motivation to self-improve in doing so. Others find that same sense of motivation from journaling or self-help books. Yet it doesn’t have to be social work — some just need a change of career. It may be time to really focus on the kind of job you’ve always wanted to do. Start by recreating your resume, as a means of pushing you in a new, proactive life and career direction. Then take the next step to start submitting it.

Careers are only a small part of personal change for some people, though. Others choose to take a professional therapy route to rebirth. Working through things with a counselor is a way of involving others but still maintaining your own privacy. One of the most interesting trends in learning through a counselor right now is seeking neuroplasticity through counseling. This, naturally, is known as neurocounseling. The new practice gives clients the tools and advice to form new neural connections. Additionally, people go to other kinds of counseling to simply defeat specific symptoms that hold them back from changing as well, whether that’s addiction, extremities in mental illness, or they just need help coping with their bad habits. Going it alone is not for everyone, and it’s good to learn with others when improving and changing yourself.

How have others helped you in your personal transformations? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below!

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