Pisces symbol


Pisces Symbol

The symbol for Pisces represents two fish tied together and swimming in opposite directions. It expresses the duality of Pisces. A person connected to this sign is a mediator between two different realities, with their biggest role of a bridge between life and death. This is a symbol consisting of two crescent moons and the line that connects them, representing two different states of mind and the link between them. The line with crescents also speaks of lunar cycles, so this is a sign that represents cycles in general



The sign of Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, and in modern astrology it is ruled by Neptune. Neptune was the Roman god of the sea whose Greek counterpart was Poseidon. Neptune was the brother of Jupiter and Pluto, each of them ruling a part of the world, himself ruling the sea.

Pisces Ruler

The symbol for Neptune is a trident, a tool used for spearfishing, carried by both deities – Neptune and Poseidon. It represents the holy trinity, connecting birth, life and death and the earth, the sky and the sea. It is consisting of a crescent and a cross, with three arrows pointing upwards. It speaks of our mind and receptivity (crescent) transcending matter (cross). Arrows represent an incredible drive pointed to the sky and in a way – our pursuit of heaven. This can be interpreted through the need of the mind to strive for its higher purpose, and realize it through the cross of matter, so we could also say that this symbol speaks of our need to make dreams come true

I absolutely love being a PISCES!!!

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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